The Visible Library

Weaving the best of libraries, data and the web together

Library relevance on the Web begins with visibility. Linked Data and BIBFRAME will play a key role in the Web understanding libraries and reflecting what libraries have to offer. Through Zepheira’s work with hundreds of librarians, we found a need for a clear baseline of knowledge and awareness about where to begin on this path to relevance and visibility. Building on our experience over the last twenty years and our leadership role in shaping the Web, Linked Data, and BIBFRAME, we have developed a experience-driven training series focused on libraries, their data, their audiences, and their local needs.

As a cornerstone of Zepheira's Practical Practitioner series, we believe participants need to get hands on with their own data. To that end, our training includes access to an introductory set of utilities to guide participants through data import and analysis to end user discovery and creation of profile based Linked Data including connections to external data resources. These utilites are evolving in collaboration with hundreds of practitioners participating in this series. The data diagnostic, transformation and enhancement services provided on this site are available to participants in this training curriculum. The results from this collaboration however are available as open source software for all to benefit from.

At Zepheira, we strive to build the most helpful curriculum, materials, and tools to support practical learning and application of Linked Data principles. Please contact us to have someone get in touch with you regarding training and Linked Data solutions.